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The Best Global Educational Community in the World




  • Makes you confident and self dependent
  • For a happy and stable life
  • Earn your own living
  • A healthier lifestyle and living
  • For economic growth of the nation
  • Imparts ability to work across genres and cultures
  • Ethical values that help make the world more peaceful
  • Adapting to newer techniques for productivity
  • Turns your dreams into reality


Consecutive = Able to attend every week.
Non-consecutive = If you are going to miss classes.

Daily: Every Day Classes
Weekly: Once or Twice a week Classes
Monthly: Once a Moth Classes

Native speaker = "mother tongue"
A native speaker's language is his first language. This usually means that it dominated his youth and is therefore the language he does his "thinking in". A native speaker is more than fluent; he correctly and easily uses his first language.

Fluent speaker of a language is very comfortable with the language; however, it is not necessarily his first, native or  mother tongue. Although it's difficult, fluency can be attained through extended study and, usually, with time spent living in full linguistic immersion. It's important to note that while a fluent speaker may be nearly perfect, he may require more conscious concentration when speaking and may not have the same spontaneity as a native speaker when it comes to idioms and similar terms and phrases.

The best way to learn Spanish and reinforce your language skills is to have a total immersion in the foreign language. 
But, you don't have to travel outside the country to get this. We specialize in teaching students to become bilingual!

We help students become proficient in speaking, understanding, writing and reading Spanish.


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